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Vets, Here's How to Maximize Your 2021 Health Benefits From Home | NewsUSA TV...

Veterans eligible for Medicare can maximize healthcare coverage in 2021 by choosing a Medicare Advantage plan that can complement Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits. When...

World Restart a Heart Day Highlights CPR Safety | NewsUSA TV | Health

If you witness someone going into cardiac arrest, don't be afraid to act, especially because that person may be someone you know in a...

Drug-Free Device Simplifies Sinus Pain Relief | NewsUSA TV | Health

Sinus pain is a persistent problem for many allergy sufferers. The pain makes it hard to focus and enjoy the outdoors. The chemical side...

Three Things Every Contact Lens Wearer Should Know | NewsUSA TV | Health

An estimated 50 million people in North America wear contact lenses, precisely correcting their vision while offering ultimate flexibility to be physically active and...

New Functional Tea Popular with Diabetics | NewsUSA TV | Health

Now more than ever, older adults recognize the importance of staying healthy. And their numbers are increasing. The U.S. population of adults aged 65...

6 Tips for Baby's Immune Development | NewsUSA TV | Health

Those first few years of your baby's life are filled with milestones, from their first giggle to their first wobbly steps. Though you can't...

Non-invasive Screening Finds Liver Disease Early | NewsUSA TV | Health

One quarter of the global population is estimated to have a liver disease called Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), a condition where the liver...

Hands-Only CPR Can Save Someone You Love | NewsUSA TV | Health

Each year, June 1-7 is designated as CPR and AED Awareness Week. This year, the significance is especially striking. As most Americans continue to...

World Heart Day Encourages People to Make Healthy Changes | NewsUSA TV | Health

World Heart Day takes place each year on September 29. Founded in 2000 by the World Heart Federation, this specific day aims to increase awareness...

Novel Cell Therapy May Improve Heart Failure Symptoms | NewsUSA TV | Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people with serious medical conditions, such as heart failure, feeling fearful about coming into the hospital for treatment....
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